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VIP Coaching Clinic | Dominate the 1 v. 1 Game

Location: VIP Presentation Pitch
Date: Feb 25, 2012
Time: 02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

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Featured Topic: Dominate the 1 v. 1 Game
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Klaus Pabst
Pabst is the U8-U15 director of coaching for FC Cologne, as well as the U16-U19 assistant coaching director. He is also the owner and director of coaching of the "taxofit" First Junior Soccer School and director of coaching and vice-president of the Soccer Boarding School in Cologne, Germany. Author of the innovative book, 'Coordination: A New Approach to Soccer Coaching' and of numerous articles for the German Football Federation magazine, "Fussball Training" and their affiliated U.S. based magazine, "Success in Soccer." He is a professor with the German Sports University Cologne in the Science of Sports Games (Soccer). Former FC Cologne Youth Coach, 1993-1998.

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